Glasdan 30P Elast Underlay (12m2)

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Glasdan 30P Elast Underlay (12m2)

ESTERDAN 30 P ELAST. Self Adhesive is a self-adhesive bitumen underlay suitable for flat roofs. Composed of a non-woven polyester felt reinforcement, covered with SBS modified bitumen mastic, self-adhesive on the lower side meaning no flames on site and a very quick and easy installation.


  • Absorbs structural movements well.
  • Good anti-piercing protection from mechanical damage.
  • This sheet is suitable for waterproofing buried structures (basement walls) with a favourable technical evaluation.
  • High tensile strength and high elongation at break.
  • High resistance to tearing.
  • Rot-proof.
  • The sheet can be combined, in two-ply membranes, with a sheet reinforced with glass fibre felt, which provides the waterproofing system with dimensional stability, of great importance in bonded systems.
  • Improves the performance of mechanically fastened sheets by providing a high wind suction resistance value and optimising the density of fastenings.
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