AX Snap Fix Extruded Aluminium Gutter Systems

The AX Snapfix lightweight gutter is a range of aluminium gutter with the patented snap fix design. These High capacity gutters are suitable for use on traditional or modern buildings. The 3 gutter profiles are available in a variety of sizes and come in a 3 metre length. There is a minimum life expectancy of 40 years in rural & suburban areas. These gutters are available in 26 RAL colours listed below and also in additional colours when ordered.

  • Improved designed with SnapFix System
  • Quicker Installation Time
  • No Nuts, bolts or washers required
  • More Durable joints
  • Less sealant required than traditional Nut bolt & Washer systems

Build Store is the leading online Supplier for rainwater systems. We have a comprehensive range of Alumasc Snap Fix extruded aluminium gutters. These gutters are long-lasting and robust and in general more affordable than cast iron. Our SnapFix aluminium gutters are available in a range of sizes and styles. These styles include half round and moulded.

Aluminium doesn’t rust, any aluminium surfaces that are exposed will simply create a natural oxidizing barrier. The Aluminium Gutters come in a 3 meter length and will make installation and handling much easier.

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