AV RAV75 Retro Gulley Outlet

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Diameter: 75mm

Harmer Aluminium Roof Outlet (Domed Grate)

The use of AV increases flow performanceat the outlet location regardless of pipe diameter downsizing.

There is no need to remove the old rainwater outlet.

The outlet body is in diecast LM6 aluminium silicon alloy to BS EN 1706, and incorporates a welded 300mm
aluminium tail pipe.

The tail pipe, cut to the required length, is simply inserted through the existing outlet, into existing pipework, and sealed by means of the Harmer Roof AV special multi-fin pipe seal.

This seal creates a watertight junction between existing pipework and the Retro-Gulley tail pipe.

The outlet body’s wide fixing flange incorporates concentric grooves which enhance the bond with roofing felts or asphalt.

An LM6 aluminium silicon clamping ring, also has a ridged under-surface for improved bond with roofing membranes.

Two sealable ports in the outlet body are designed for injection of PU foam to fill the void between old and new outlet.

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