Brick Slip Cladding

Buildstore are suppliers of the Weatherby brick slip cladding systems. We can offer a range of brick slips in an array of colours and different textures for either external and internal use.

Brick is a timeless building product which is familiar, comforting and reliable. This is the reason it is still a popular choice of wall finish for designers seeking to include traditional values of warmth and strength in their project.

In the beginning brick slips were made by simply cutting the face from an existing brick. This was a very costly practice and led to a large amount of waste material. Our Brick Slips provide a cost effective method of achieving a genuine brick finish using brick slips and corners that have been specially engineered for this particular purpose. Our Brick Slip Systems are extremely beneficial, especially for projects where the use of real brick is difficult or impractical.

The list of benefits below are just some of the reasons to consider these brick slips on your project:
  • Offer a professional, real brick finish
  • Give a higher level of accuracy and alignment
  • Superb adhesion properties
  • Faster application compared to traditional methods
  • Additional foundations are not required
  • Suitable for both internal and external applications

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